I started programming computers using punch cards in the late 1970s! After a 35 year break to have a teaching career, I am back at a computer terminal or in this century - my laptop hoping to find a niche and create some really cool projects.

~ Ellen McConomy

2018 - Current

Mobile App and Web Development Student

Since my retirement from teaching in January 2018, I turned to the internet to learn to program. My first goal was to develop an app for the App Store. Learning Swift from Ray Wenderlich and Hacking with Swift was fun, exciting and never ending! Wanting more, I turned to freeCodeCamp, Harvard's CS50 course through Edx and Corey Schaffer via YouTube for the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Svelte, Python, Flask and Django. And still wanting more, along comes Flutter for writing mobile apps for both iOS and Android. As my skills improved, a basic static website was not good enough. This site is currently built on the JamStack provider Eleventy.

Until 2018

High School Teacher

I began my teaching career in 1986, as a full-time Mathematics teacher with the Toronto District School Board. Over the years I taught various sections of Science, Co-op, and Guidance but most of my assignments were in Physical Education. For the last 5 years of my career, I returned to teaching Mathematics full-time.