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Can you decyrpt the code?

In a cyptogram quote, one letter represents another letter. Figure out the cipher to reveal the quote.

Quotes come in Code Packs. A group of 30 quotes randomly generated quotes or quotes grouped by categories. You start with a pack of 30 random quotes and may purchase more at any time. All the quotes in this app come from our website dailyquote.ca. Each quote is researched and a short description of the context is given when the code is solved.

Sometimes you need a hint! You get 10 hints when you download the app and earn more by solving the code without making an error. But, if you run out you can always purchase more through the App Store or Google Play. (Watching an advertisement will get you a hint too!)

To challenge yourself, you can hide any errors you make while trying to figure out the code. The app will alert you to any mistakes once all the letters are placed.