EduLog seamlessly tracks supply and occasional teaching days across single or multiple school boards. Customize this app to tally dates by month or the whole school year.

Occasional teaching is often a thankless job!

With each board having specific rules and regulations, it can be hard to stay on top of all the details. EduLog is designed with your needs in mind. Designed by teachers for teachers, this app seamlessly tracks the school dates that you have worked and the teachers you have replaced.

The app retains information so that repeat dates with specific teachers can quickly be added when you are requested to return! The assignment dates are reflected on the calendar so there are no double-booked dates. You can choose from full to partial days and can customize for short or long-term assignments.

With a private notes section, you can refer back to a day to inform a teacher or yourself of specific details of the day. This kind of detailed information will make you a superstar supply teacher!

As a retired or returning teacher, you can set a maximum number of eligible days and EduLog will keep a running tally and let you know when you are close to your maximum. As a new teacher, EduLog keeps you on track with the minimum number of days that need to be fulfilled for each board that you are employed.

EduLog produces a report by date, which can be saved to your device or printed via wifi printer. This will ensure that you are paid for all dates across a number of boards. A simple addition to your phone or iPad, this app is essential for new or retired teachers.